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Mary Lou Griffin

Paintings & Drawings

Why I Paint

I have always had the inner need to express myself artistically. I am a very visual person so if I am not painting, or doing figure drawing, I am planting flowers, redecorating a space or painting the room an interesting color. I love getting lost in whatever project I am working on. Sometimes I have a clear vision or idea at the onset, yet other times, I just start a project, see where it takes me and enjoy the surprises along the way. It is also important for me to feel connected to the Art Community around me. So, I am involved in local and national art organizations. Artists feed off the energy of other artists and that's a fun thing to me.

What Inspires Me

Going to the museums, especially the Barnes and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is always exciting no matter how many times I've been there before. Going to gallery show openings and talking to other artists about their process, use of the medium, line or brushwork inspires me to, from time to time, try doing things another way. Seeing what's in the newest Artist's Magazine, PleinAir Magazine, or Pastel Journal is exciting and inspiring. Looking through my art books and rediscovering a plate of a painting I love and had forgotten rekindles the excitement and reminds me of the direction I want to go with my work. I find a lot of inspiration in nature: the clouds that are always changing; the movement of water; the reflections of light on water; the vivid colors of the trees at certain times of the year and colors of the sky at certain times of the day, snow covering the fields. Sometimes the simple placement of objects on a table, can inspire a more simplified statement.

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